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Singing lessons will start from age 7 and up.  It is recommended that each student be able to record lessons either on audio or video to use as a tool to practice.  For the younger singers emphasis will be on:

  • Having fun

  • Discovering the voice

  • Rhythms

  • Reading music

  • Different genres and styles of music

  • Listening

  • Singing songs

  • Performing

For the older singers, 15 and up, focus and emphasis will be on:

  • Breathing

  • Discovering how to use your body as an instrument

  • Placement of sound

  • Languages for classical singers

  • Different genres and styles of songs

  • Reading music

  • Rhythms

  • Harmonies

  • Stage Freight

  • Performing

Having your voice as your only instrument, singers require an accompanist whether on piano or guitar for performances.  When available, opportunities to sing A Cappella (without accompaniment) with other singers will be provided.

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