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COVID-19 has brought many challenges. We have taken steps to comply with safety measures put out by all levels of government. Lessons are continuing in person and online with safety measures in effect.  We use Hepa-Air Purifiers in each studio as well as hand sanitizing and mask wearing.

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Now that we understand COVID-19 a little better we are implementing safety measures put forth by all levels of government. In-person lessons will continue along with online lessons using the Zoom app.  Please contact us if you have questions.

Lessons are designed to the students interest.  Whether it's classical, rock, pop, jazz, or musical theatre or you want to learn just for fun our teachers can help. Regular testing for conservatory levels are also offered.

We suggest that students set aside time, 10 min - 30 min, each day to review and run through what was discussed and worked on in the previous lesson.  This will help to recall the language of music and through regular repetition build the muscle memory needed to advance the skill set. Setting a time for playing at home is highly recommended with parental supervision and assistance for children at all times.

Students will be required to buy their own books as suggested by the teacher.  The price of the books will be added to the monthly charge if the teacher picks it up.

All our teachers are professional, have graduated from music at a university or college or they have the equivalent in life experience.

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COVID Precaussions

 While Acoustic Blend Music Lessons is a small, private company, we are taking health and safety measures to help stop the spread of COVID-19, because the health of our instructors and students is a big deal to us. 

Precautions Include: 

  • Masks mandatory within the premises AT ALL TIMES (as per Halton Region By-law) 

  • Hand sanitizer and COVID screening questions upon entry 

  • 'Honeywell', Large Room HEPA Air Purifiers in each lesson room (larger than our medium rooms require) 

  • Lesson rooms being alternated to provide time for disinfection, and so the air can be circulated and filtered 

  • Student lesson times spaced farther apart to minimize wait and overlap 

  • Vocal lessons will only be outdoors or online due to droplet precautions 

Let’s all be safe while we enjoy learning and playing some music! Jason Hales 

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Available Instruments

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Guitar lessons are offered starting at age 7 and up. Although our name says "acoustic" we encourage "electric" as well.

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Piano is one of the most common ways of introducing students to playing and understanding the language of music. Lessons start from ages 5 and up.  Whether your 5 or 85 lessons can be designed to your interests.

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We can all sing and most people love hearing beautiful vocal harmonies.  Singing is the most organic of the instruments and one of the hardest to learn. Why? Because you can't see or touch your instrument.  At ABC we'll teach you how to use your instrument properly and produce top quality sound all while having fun.


Ukulele has become one of the most popular instruments for all ages.  It's small, compact and it travels easy.  In no time at all you can be playing melodies and strumming chords while singing songs.  Lessons start from 7 and up.

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