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Guitar lessons are offered starting at age 7 and up. Although our name says "acoustic" we encourage "electric" as well.

With guitar lessons you will learn:

  • Reading music

  • Proper fretboard technique

  • Proper flat picking and finger picking technique

  • Playing melodies and chords

  • Music or Tunes of your choice

  • How to prepare for a performance

  • other musical skills as requested

Students are required to have their own instrument to play on at home and to bring to lessons.  Acoustic and electric guitars are both acceptable to start but each style of guitar has a different purpose. Acoustic guitars can come with nylon strings which are softer on fingers, especially important for younger beginners. However, these guitars are usually classical or folk in style and have wider fret boards.

Steel String acoustics are harder on beginners fingers and have a narrow neck. These guitars have a sound suited to Folk and Contemporary styles.  

Electric guitars have a narrow neck and low action, making them the easiest to hold down for fingers of all ages and size. In order to have sound electric guitars require an amplifier and a patch cable.

Skills learned on any style of guitar can cross over to other styles.  Guitars also come in different sizes to accommodate the growing students.  Younger students should be sized for the proper guitar.

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